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I came across this great collection of Tom Hiddleston quotes on a blog that may disappear, so I wanted to save all the info here... Attempting to do this on mobile, may screw up the cut text, but I'll try!

I found it when looking for this quote below, which I think is very insightful:

"Here’s the thing a wise man once said, ‘The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference.’ And Loki is not indifferent to Thor. He hates him. And in order to hate someone, you must still, therefore, love them. So I think there is, somewhere down the line, the possibility of redemption for him, because he is just in real need of self-esteem."

[Original link]

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I did a thing:

“Black Star” - Radiohead, video by FIORIOUS & Interview with the Vampire mashup.

I just feel like this guy reacted better to this situation than Louis did. Don't you agree? It is kind of painful to watch Lestat bleed out like this, so I actually cut quite a bit of that out.

Parody video made under Fair Use. Gonna nerd out for a min re: copyright, so you can skip this para if you're not interested: It looks like youtube automatically checks for copyrighted material, bc as soon as I uploaded, it already knew I had IWTV content, and allowed me to use it, but that material is monetized already so there are ads that pop up, including an ad to buy/rent IWTV. Which is great news, bc it shows that they are aware that ppl will make vids like this, why not allow them to exist as free advertising back to the original property? I was annoyed at the ads but pleased that the content can coexist w/out any lawsuits ;)

Along the same lines, my creative juices seem to be revitalizing, the motivation to Do the Thing is increasing. Giving into it feels so good!
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 Vacation notice! Leaving for Dallas on a business trip this Sat morning for a 4 day trip, back online sometime 9/30/15.

(Going to queue up a whole bunch of stuff for my tumblr, I have tons of asks to answer, and some are very tough. I try not to post them all at once, as it feels spammy to do that.)

the Truth

Aug. 23rd, 2015 12:17 am
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I did a thing, a thing I'd been meaning to do for awhile. Reposting here for the non-tumblrland ppl but also for longer comments on it, should you feel moved to do so.

And I think it works on that other level that these mashup vids need, which is that what they're saying actually works for L/L, too. During this time, Louis really couldn't handle the truth. It probably would have driven him bonkers.

Assigning myself Bonus points for Tom being shouted at with his own voice, lol.
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^I did a thing. Bob's Burgers/IWTV mashup. One happy family burger? Bob's Vampire? idk just enjoy. 

(posting it here for non-tumblr ppl)

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Several VC Timelines! For future reference.

The 1700s

November 7, 1760

Lestat's mortal birthday. Born in the Auvergne, France.

October 4, 1766

Louis' mortal birthday. Born in France. City unknown.

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Mar. 15th, 2015 11:16 pm
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 Well not really AWOL, but couldn't think of a better subject heading, having only a few minutes on the ordinateur...

I've gotten many lovely messages re: my birthday (tomorrow, 3/16) and am quite touched! Shall respond as soon as I'm able, having gone off-line for a trip to visit family for a few days. I also see that the Queen of the Damned reread section 5 is up and will be jumping into that as soon as I can, too ;]

Just thought here would be a good place to answer everyone with a grateful thank u and more specific responses will follow when I've returned to home base.
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I had had this idea ages ago and it wallowed in my folder incomplete; deciding to submit it for VC secret gifts finally lit the fire under me sufficiently to get it done!

Technically, in the original painting, the figures are meant to be brother and sister, but L/L share blood so it still works. I did consider making the pitchfork a scythe instead, but then it would have had to be Louis in the overalls, and Lestat in the dress, and the height difference wouldn't have been acceptable and ARGH!! I just had to make it simple for myself, lest it remain incomplete.

There's a little extra bit that I revised in there other than adding the title and inserting the faces of Lestat/Louis, can you spot it? Refer to American Gothic by Grant Wood for comparison!

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I'm copying and pasting this here in case this Angelfire page goes down. This is a good little collection of Mater's review of TC and movie!IWTV, I enjoyed those parts where she specifically points out scenes and the details she relished.

I didn't read the whole thing yet, pardon if anything is offensive. Under a cut for length. 

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So some of you probably saw my tumblr post on this, but this entry is for non-tumblr people, and also to add a little more description since I have more room here *stretches in the blank space* to further flesh out the experience. No pressure to comment here but I thought you might be happy to live vicariously through me at the very least!

I met Santiago Stephen Rea last night after his performance in A Particle of Dread, and brought him two headshots, intending for him to choose which one he preferred to sign. High res of the below shots here.

He signed both. 

I was very pleased. Hell I was near-squeeeeing with delight. Next stop, frame store, going to frame them both up and hang one at home, and one in the office! Been at this job for a few months now, it's time to start decorating my office. Tastefully, of course.

Briefly, A Particle of Dread is a play in which Monsieur Rea plays Oedipus, in variations. It's very intense, and very murderous (and, side-topic: the man who plays his father was drop-dead gorgeous). We had 2nd row seats and let me tell you, Rea's characters were dynamic and went through a spectrum of emotions... such feels to experience that just a few feet away.

I'm putting this behind a cut to keep the post a manageable height )
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Just thought I'd mention this, so you have a chance to dL the VC fanart king's stuff.
He's left these two messages on his personal tumblr about leaving. He'll still have permanentglitter.tumblr.com, fortunately.  But it seems he's taking a hiatus of some kind, and minimizing his internet presence ;A;

My Garama collection is here: http://i-want-my-iwtv.tumblr.com/tagged/garama
His little selfie icon:



^This is the only Lestat fanart he has currently on permanentglitter [source], but I prefer when he drew VC more like this:

Siiigh.  I want this as a graphic novel or animated series SO MUCH. His messages re: why he's leaving are under the cut.
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I have a visitor all weekend so will probably not be able to do any fandom stuff, so I'm getting it all out of my system tonight. I'll be in the reread momentarily. Looking back over this post, it's kind of long, but I wanted to collect some vampire thoughts. 

To start the weekend off right...  I saw this on tumblr and had to share here (for fic inspiration only, of course). Can one even describe with the written word the art that is this gyrating man? *u*

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Finally: blood popsicles. Would Lestat try to get Louis to try them? Hmmmm....
Probably not, it being "dead blood" which is unappetizing to Ricean vampires, but, maybe some adventurous younger ones would be inspired bc of OLLA.

That is all. 

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Tori would be that one XD Mind you that I am not a big YA person, really. No real reason. If YA is like hers, then, yes, I want more. 

Being so cryptic, let me elucidate: OMG. So [personal profile] pointedulac  needed a prompt for an extra 300 words of writing and I offered one, not expecting that she'd even be interested. She was, she did, and I just had to post this here for safekeeping/sharing because it's so very good. Link to it on tumblr.

My prompt: A 13 yr old girl in the suburbs finds, almost stepping on, a special piece of jewelry in the woods behind her house. What is it?

Thanks for playing “keep Tori writing but not the stuff she’s supposed to be writing.” This is a first draft, mostly unedited, and it’s 1,100 words. My brain is weird, this is what you get! :D
“Look,” Kylie says, waving the dirt-encrusted necklace in my face. I bat it away.
“It’s a piece of junk,” I say. It’s a piece of gold costume jewelry with a giant fake emerald smack dab in the center of the pendant. I finish patting dirt around the tomato plant. Kylie practically smacks me in the head with her new toy. “Put it back and show mom when she gets home.”
“It’s not junk. It called to me.”
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So I had to post an entry because I have multiple items... So much to do! I actually seem to thrive spinning amidst this flurry of activity, otherwise, why would I keep stirring it up? 

I have some bullet points because everything is easier to read in bullet points:

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So that's all the news that's fit to print! Gonna wrangle it under a cut to make it easier on people's feeds, but really, I don't expect any comments, I just had to exhale a whole bunch of stuff into the void, and I love you, whoever is reading this. It was a peek into an atypical week of excitement in my VC addiction.

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I can barely brain right now, tumblr ate me for a few hours this evening... argh...

Just wanted to leave a little note: I'll be visiting Lestat this weekend going on my first real trip to NOLA, leaving tomorrow, 4/18, thru Tues 4/22!!

Lestat is as excited about this as I am, apparently...
I have landmarks to visit, food to consume, it's gonna be magical. ASSUMING THE  WEATHER HOLDS UP PLZ TO BE NOT RAINING THEY ARE PREDICTING RAIN ON MONDAY and that is the day I'm going to Oak Alley Plantation Pointe du Lac so IT BETTER BE FUCKING LOVELY OKAY??

At any rate... I haven't yet packed *eeeek!* I'll probly have limited email access (okay limited DESIRE to do emails *snort*) for the duration, will check up on CAPSFRI and DD when I  return.

Finally here's a vintage memeything (it's not terribly old, but not recent) for you bc SHAKESPEARE.

~Have a great weekend~

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[Author's Note: 1166 words. I wanted to try to write a non-despicable Mary-Sue, what's the POV from one of those Little Drinks?  Hmmm. Also, ♥ to [personal profile] gairid who gave me permission to mention Brian, and even made a good suggestion for the revision of a line, which I have used, and  to [personal profile] floatingleaf, for beta-reading]

Summary: An email message, from the POV of someone Lestat seduces for a Little Drink, to her bandmates. Not to worry, Kelly (this OC) stops here. Unless, of course, you ask for more...

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So I have a friend visiting this weekend, and as I await her imminent arrival, I'm catching up on commenting on some older entries to help clear my poor inbox. When I make posts, I get notifications, and often don't have a chance to reply immediately, sometimes, for an obscene amount of time :P 

At any rate, I leave you to fend for yourselves over the weekend with one of the first gifs I've taught myself how to make... 
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(Starts at 1:36)


Okay, Burnadette back again: I can't help but compare it to the poodles Louis killed just a few scenes earlier. That older lady said, "My papillons, my butterflies, you killed them, ohhh nooooo!"
Each vampire we see transformed on screen sort of undergoes that metamorphosis, the way butterflies do... hmmm...

Orginally posted in the comm here: http://vc-media.dreamwidth.org/238826.html
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Gah, I feel the need to apologize again. I've been absent from VCM but creating up a storm of VC gifs on tumblr, the very place that nearly killed VCM :P

Let me explain u a thing, and I mean that in the gentlest way: sometimes I get these graphic creative urges and I barrage tumblr with the output of this. To barrage VCM with it (even though MEDIA is a obviously a goal of this place!) seems rude. Like a kid constantly drawing and shoving those drawings in your face. I don't want to be that kid. I'm very happy that people like what I do, I guess it's just easier on tumblr bc alot of them are strangers, and I don't have to worry too much about offending anyone. 

Hosting these images on tumblr is actually a necessary step to sharing images in VCM anyway, bc they have to be hosted somewhere so that there's a link for DW to source the image from. It's just that I am usually to busy to then bring them into this personal journal area... which I think I still want to use as more of a place for text things that don't fit into VCM, like excessive walls of text or drabbles that outgrow their wordcount limit, rather than as an actual journal.

Anyway my point is that satisfying those creative urges is somewhat time & energy consuming in itself, and then I'm left sort of drained, too, and can't brain further in the discussion threads here... especially bc my need for thoroughness dictates that my commentary is usually Walls of Text. 

I am trying to be more minimal in commentary though, and I think that's really helping :D

As an example of this creative output:[personal profile] thedeadorchestra shared a gif on her tumblr and I was inspired, wanted to learn how to manipulate it by adding faces on it, frame-by-frame, and the result is pretty priceless, as well as being slightly quite offensive to one of our beloved OTPs. I added a few more gifs around it to enhance the crackiness...

Under the cut so that it doesn't interfere with my apologetic mood...

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Mar. 23rd, 2014 12:04 am
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I've been incredibly busy at work the past few weeks and had little time in the evenings, plus several packed weekends... this weekend being one also... which explains my absence in the community but doesn't make me feel less guilty about it. 

Mortal prattle )

I think the point I'm trying to make is that I used to be able to keep up, and nowadays, with the forum virtually exploding, I just can't read every post and all the comments :( this realization makes me sadder than you may realize. 

This has become a Wall of Text. Siiiigh. No need to reply. I just wanted to put out a formal apology. I'm working on the TVL sec. 6 post, and it will go up as scheduled.

Just don't feel that I'm disinterested in the other posts, on the contrary, I am VERY interested, just trying to balance RL and the comm life. Hopefully I'll find a better balance and can be as much of a presence as I want to be. 

Oh, and if you see someone request smtg from me in a comment or you mention something you want me to followup about, please message me directly, bc like I said, I may not see the request and I wouldn't want to miss something!


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Summary: Lestat and Louis in bed with a copy of William Harvey's De Motu Cordis. Sensuality ensues.
Note: This is in response to DD of Feb. 23, 2014. Prompt words used: Goldfish, Late, Memory. Thanks again to [personal profile] floatingleaf for beta-reading!

It just outgrew its wordcount limit very quickly and couldn't be edited back down. It ended where it ended bc it felt right. I plan to go further the next time they're in the mood like this.


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