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Tori would be that one XD Mind you that I am not a big YA person, really. No real reason. If YA is like hers, then, yes, I want more. 

Being so cryptic, let me elucidate: OMG. So [personal profile] pointedulac  needed a prompt for an extra 300 words of writing and I offered one, not expecting that she'd even be interested. She was, she did, and I just had to post this here for safekeeping/sharing because it's so very good. Link to it on tumblr.

My prompt: A 13 yr old girl in the suburbs finds, almost stepping on, a special piece of jewelry in the woods behind her house. What is it?

Thanks for playing “keep Tori writing but not the stuff she’s supposed to be writing.” This is a first draft, mostly unedited, and it’s 1,100 words. My brain is weird, this is what you get! :D
“Look,” Kylie says, waving the dirt-encrusted necklace in my face. I bat it away.
“It’s a piece of junk,” I say. It’s a piece of gold costume jewelry with a giant fake emerald smack dab in the center of the pendant. I finish patting dirt around the tomato plant. Kylie practically smacks me in the head with her new toy. “Put it back and show mom when she gets home.”
“It’s not junk. It called to me.”


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