Mar. 15th, 2015 11:16 pm
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 Well not really AWOL, but couldn't think of a better subject heading, having only a few minutes on the ordinateur...

I've gotten many lovely messages re: my birthday (tomorrow, 3/16) and am quite touched! Shall respond as soon as I'm able, having gone off-line for a trip to visit family for a few days. I also see that the Queen of the Damned reread section 5 is up and will be jumping into that as soon as I can, too ;]

Just thought here would be a good place to answer everyone with a grateful thank u and more specific responses will follow when I've returned to home base.
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I can barely brain right now, tumblr ate me for a few hours this evening... argh...

Just wanted to leave a little note: I'll be visiting Lestat this weekend going on my first real trip to NOLA, leaving tomorrow, 4/18, thru Tues 4/22!!

Lestat is as excited about this as I am, apparently...
I have landmarks to visit, food to consume, it's gonna be magical. ASSUMING THE  WEATHER HOLDS UP PLZ TO BE NOT RAINING THEY ARE PREDICTING RAIN ON MONDAY and that is the day I'm going to Oak Alley Plantation Pointe du Lac so IT BETTER BE FUCKING LOVELY OKAY??

At any rate... I haven't yet packed *eeeek!* I'll probly have limited email access (okay limited DESIRE to do emails *snort*) for the duration, will check up on CAPSFRI and DD when I  return.

Finally here's a vintage memeything (it's not terribly old, but not recent) for you bc SHAKESPEARE.

~Have a great weekend~

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Hey all,

Just quickly made this ‘shop of an empty Theatre des Vampires stage to illustrate that i-want-my-iwtv/Burnadette is away on vacation. Back in a week!

High Res here:

Also this fabulousness by [personal profile] rebness that she let me post on tumblr:

Check out the whole thing here:


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