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Hey! I'm going to make this blog semi-worthwhile... I don't usually feel like reflecting on my own life.... I had a thought that I could make this a place for my memeythings when they're drafts, before I finish them and upload to tumblr.

So if you follow this blog, you may be getting a sneak peak at them before the rest of the world, and can even offer suggestions... how enthralling... :D

This one needs color & shadow correction but it's appropriate as-is for the start of our TVL reread.

Interesting, too, that this shot is from the last scene of IWTV, where it sets up the VC for a sequel. It implies that the sequel would have BEGUN right there in the car with Lestat & Daniel, Dynamic Duo... what would THAT story have been like?

Get in loser

(High res here: "
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THIS FANART by *HRFleur on DeviantArt is so lovely.


And someone commented perfectly on it:

"I don't think he looks like Tom Cruise. I think he looks better! it's as if you took the essence of Lestat from Tom and pulled the real Lestat out. He looks as though he's about to say something sarcastic or perhaps become peevish over something. I like that you made him handsome without looking feminine."

Of course, that wasn't enough for me. I had to go find the screen shot that the artist worked from. So you can see the side-by-side comparison. Every revision from the screenshot was a good choice, from the adjustment of his mouth into a slight smile, to the collar being a little more rumpled, smoothing out a few imperfections... just, lovely.

Larger comparison pic here:
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Lestats Vengeance

"Lestat's Vengeance" by xElodironX

xElodironX appears to have emptied their gallery on Deviantart, but here’s a link to it anyways!


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