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Just thought I'd mention this, so you have a chance to dL the VC fanart king's stuff.
He's left these two messages on his personal tumblr about leaving. He'll still have permanentglitter.tumblr.com, fortunately.  But it seems he's taking a hiatus of some kind, and minimizing his internet presence ;A;

My Garama collection is here: http://i-want-my-iwtv.tumblr.com/tagged/garama
His little selfie icon:



^This is the only Lestat fanart he has currently on permanentglitter [source], but I prefer when he drew VC more like this:

Siiigh.  I want this as a graphic novel or animated series SO MUCH. His messages re: why he's leaving are under the cut.
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So I had to post an entry because I have multiple items... So much to do! I actually seem to thrive spinning amidst this flurry of activity, otherwise, why would I keep stirring it up? 

I have some bullet points because everything is easier to read in bullet points:

Bullets from the Wasteland... )

So that's all the news that's fit to print! Gonna wrangle it under a cut to make it easier on people's feeds, but really, I don't expect any comments, I just had to exhale a whole bunch of stuff into the void, and I love you, whoever is reading this. It was a peek into an atypical week of excitement in my VC addiction.


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