Mar. 15th, 2015 11:16 pm
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 Well not really AWOL, but couldn't think of a better subject heading, having only a few minutes on the ordinateur...

I've gotten many lovely messages re: my birthday (tomorrow, 3/16) and am quite touched! Shall respond as soon as I'm able, having gone off-line for a trip to visit family for a few days. I also see that the Queen of the Damned reread section 5 is up and will be jumping into that as soon as I can, too ;]

Just thought here would be a good place to answer everyone with a grateful thank u and more specific responses will follow when I've returned to home base.
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Truly, this explosion on VC_M is making me so happy, I am cry. I just can't keep up with it... it's like a hurricane of fandom love. 

But I can't comment during the workday, and here it is, I'm free, and I am creatively a little stifled by the joy... does that even make sense?! No. Not at all. Siiiigh.

Partly also tho, today was a rough day at work. Everything was going well until around 2pm, and then there was an avalanche of crap to deal with, and I would also point out that none of it was my fault. Not that it would be. Of course not. 

The roughness of the day + watching as the CAPSFRI post grew more and MOAR talkative (I get notifications on my phone), but restrained from responding... exquisite torture... it all combined to produce a tiny kernel of creativity. I wished I could, like Brian Callahan, have an insider perspective on what our beloved L/L were doing at that very moment... at 2:47 pm on a Monday afternoon it wouldn't be too exciting of course, something like this... It's too short to even be a drabble!! I can't resist sharing it with you...


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