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I'm copying and pasting this here in case this Angelfire page goes down. This is a good little collection of Mater's review of TC and movie!IWTV, I enjoyed those parts where she specifically points out scenes and the details she relished.

I didn't read the whole thing yet, pardon if anything is offensive. Under a cut for length. 

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Reblogging this here from tumblr bc it was that funny. Underlined ppl have blogs on tumblr of the same name. 

Sometimes I wonder why there’s not tons and tons of VC crack!fic and then I remember that large portions of the book are basically crack!fic

#seriously though

#remember that time lestat got louis some hookers to eat as an apology for being a douche

#remember that time armand stole someone’s hands as punishment

#remember that time lestat took louis to go terrorize and old man and then buy louis a coat

#remember that time david broke into lestat and louis’ house and demanded they go to the carnival

#remember that time lestat mentioned he could laugh at carpet for hours on end

#remember that time marius sent armand on fieldtrips to local brothels

#remember that time louis said he was feeling suicidal so david proposed vampire sex and made out with him

#remember that time tarquin got a handjob from his dead demonic twin brother he ate in utero

#remember that time armand thought marius was jesus and then marius gave him a handjob


#does it make it harder or easier to write crack when your fandom is canonically this cracky

#its a moot point since theres so few vc fics anyway

#generally homosexual
merciful-death: [[ I can’t stop laughing at the tags. You are a beautiful person. ]]


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#Gold star for this #Golden Moment

u cray cray
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I always love these, so when I saw [personal profile] adi_rotynd 's tumblr post with the first 4 books in synopsis, I had to try my hand at completing the list:


1. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: Make a Six-Year-Old into a Vampire

2. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: Be Famous

3. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: Wake the Mother of All Vampires and Honeymoon with Her While She Slaughters Thousands

4. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: Be Human While Some Random Dude Takes Your Superman Body for a Spin

5. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: Go to Heaven and Hell on Job Interview, it’s All Fun and Games until Someone Loses an Eye.

6. Lestat and Don’t Do the Thing: My Name is Armand and I am a Sex Addict, Etc. Also, Marius Totally Abandoned Me and He Sucks.

A little self-congratulation, and  these kinds of reaction are the reason I do this...
dreamlessmusic reblogged it with: "This is so fucking accurate that it hurts. Because you can’t stop laughing and so your belly starts to ache and you can’t breathe and you make unproper noises trying to contain yourself, but you just can’t ‘cause it’s too damn funny.

But, yeah, poor Lestat. Always fucking up things. Well, at least for 3 books he wasn’t the one doing it. This is a comforting thought. He’s still a lost case though."

demonpyromaniac reblogged it with: "This is so hilariously accurate! Nice job. (I haven’t read some of the later books in forever, but I’m laughing my ass off at the gentlemanly group bloodbath.)"

 (Tumblr link here if you wanna reblog: http://demonpyromaniac.tumblr.com/post/73433060668/lestat-does-the-thing-the-series)
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Mon Dieu but having a "real life" can be so intrusive on my fantasy world... So I'm sorry for my absence both in VC_Media and elsewhere... too cranky to be a contributing member to the VC fandom.

PLUS for those of you who are aware of it, GULFPORT. Seriously. Find it. Or ask me for it privately if you want the link, wouldn't want it posted out here where it could be vulnerable to attack. Because it's so good that it's also stifled my creative juices. What's the point to writing anything when GULFPORT is so amazing?

Rest assured I'm not giving up, I have lots of ideas germinating, both for writing and artwork. I'll give you this, for now, though. It's mildly offensive. I apologize. Not really.

Overly-attached author meme:

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And Lo! the Angels did sing their most joyous songs!
Our dear Mater is visiting NY in October.
Hark unto my words!

Anne Rice, The Wolves of Midwinter: 'The Wolf Gift Chronicles'
Wednesday, October 16, 2013, 7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble, Union Square location, 33 East 17th Street, New York, NY 10003, 212-253-0810

Anyone out there want to go with me? Respond to this post, or send me a private message :]

If you can't (or don't want to) go, I offer you my services as your emissary, to ask her something for you! Or give her compliments for you. I don't know how much time I'll have with her... but, well, there it is. That's the offer.

To quote Joan Osborne, "...what would you ask if you had just one question?"

For the sake of a fun Thursday discussion here, you can also let loose, suggest some hilariously inappropriate questions!

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Lestats Vengeance

"Lestat's Vengeance" by xElodironX

xElodironX appears to have emptied their gallery on Deviantart, but here’s a link to it anyways!



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