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I did a thing:

“Black Star” - Radiohead, video by FIORIOUS & Interview with the Vampire mashup.

I just feel like this guy reacted better to this situation than Louis did. Don't you agree? It is kind of painful to watch Lestat bleed out like this, so I actually cut quite a bit of that out.

Parody video made under Fair Use. Gonna nerd out for a min re: copyright, so you can skip this para if you're not interested: It looks like youtube automatically checks for copyrighted material, bc as soon as I uploaded, it already knew I had IWTV content, and allowed me to use it, but that material is monetized already so there are ads that pop up, including an ad to buy/rent IWTV. Which is great news, bc it shows that they are aware that ppl will make vids like this, why not allow them to exist as free advertising back to the original property? I was annoyed at the ads but pleased that the content can coexist w/out any lawsuits ;)

Along the same lines, my creative juices seem to be revitalizing, the motivation to Do the Thing is increasing. Giving into it feels so good!

Date: 2016-02-05 09:35 pm (UTC)
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Oh, yes, dearie, Do the Thing 'cos it's always good :D


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