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Just thought I'd mention this, so you have a chance to dL the VC fanart king's stuff.
He's left these two messages on his personal tumblr about leaving. He'll still have permanentglitter.tumblr.com, fortunately.  But it seems he's taking a hiatus of some kind, and minimizing his internet presence ;A;

My Garama collection is here: http://i-want-my-iwtv.tumblr.com/tagged/garama
His little selfie icon:



^This is the only Lestat fanart he has currently on permanentglitter [source], but I prefer when he drew VC more like this:

Siiigh.  I want this as a graphic novel or animated series SO MUCH. His messages re: why he's leaving are under the cut.

[source of the messages is here: http://garama.tumblr.com/mobile]

Jul 22:

I will post some art with this name till I’m fully comfortable to move on. I will delete both this blog and deviantArt (both are under the name of garama) in near future.

Follow the source, permanentglitter, for art.

(Source: permanentglitter)

Jul 14: Poop

For couple of years now I’ve wanted to clean both my dA and tumblr from everything and start from fresh and clean table. I probably shouldn’t be embarrassed or feel bad how about fan art I’ve done; I had but some effort and time for those and had fun time being a fan of certain series and the best of them all: meet new great people.
But for those couple of years I’ve been wanting to change, somehow.
I’ve never had a big internet drama or hate anything, thank god for that, but I feel like slapping a different artist name on works, leaving this internet personality associated with this name could change something. Maybe it doesn’t, I don’t know, I haven’t tried.
I have many followers, not gonna understate that fact, more than I probably should and some say that is somekind of scale what determines me in some level, and it would be disrespectful to disappear and well, leave.
But I don’t think I owe anything to anyone. I’ve spend drawing and doing things to others, in the best way I could, because I thought I can’t do anything else. It kept me busy for not thinking about my disgusting self, I felt it was my purpose and it shaped me as person.
I could open up here and write a shit ton of crap about my internet history under this name but it would be embarrassing for all of us so I’ll just stop here.
Just wanted to inform that if I disappear like a fart into Sahara I’m probably still alive, just trying to figure out myself and grow up.
You’re all awesome and I’m grateful of your support you’ve gave me for all these years, I truly am. Whenever I’ve been desperate enough to flood my heart’s contect to here you’ve shared own experiences and thoughts which had helped me get through my own problems and see thing in a different way. I’ve learned a lot from you guys and I wish that you’re able to spread your wisdom and care to other’s in the way you’ve done for me. Your words have had an impact and I think about them and people I’ve met here in busses, when doing chores… They have had an effect on me.
Thanks for all that, really.


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