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So I had to post an entry because I have multiple items... So much to do! I actually seem to thrive spinning amidst this flurry of activity, otherwise, why would I keep stirring it up? 

I have some bullet points because everything is easier to read in bullet points:

  • I will be catching up on comments in the 2 Drabble posts, but the muse hasn't been speaking to me lately... so although I have several fics on the backburner, they'll remain there.
    • For now. I need solid hours of peace to write! 
  • I still need to do my NOLA  recap/Sharing of pics and stories and such! I'll have to push it to another weekend. I   have pics and video to edit for you.
  • I have the sec 9. post and the lovely [personal profile] floatingleaf has once again let me abuse her generous nature by going over the last reread's post with me.
    • The fact of the matter is that the last reread failed around this section, and it was probably just due to alot of outside factors, bc [personal profile] cloudsinvenice had done an excellent write-up.
    • I considered just copying and pasting it. HOWEVER, that's too easy.
    • And besides, I think in order to keep the conversation rolling, her topics had to be cut down to more manageable pieces and some more humor needed to be sprinkled in.
    • So we've done that, and the other benefit to doing that is that anything from the original post can be brought in later to revitalize the discussion. 
  • FLORBE wrote to me a few days ago! But it was bittersweet.
    • I guess I've been tagging her art quite a bit and she noticed. Well, she asked me to take down all her VC art from my VC blog! Such sadness, much cry. 
    • The reason being, that she looks at it and sees all these mistakes. So that's why so much of it is gone from her DeviantArt page. Well. If you want it I can send it to you in a zipped file. I downloaded it one day on a whim, and thank goodness for that whim. 
    • Accordingly, I advise you to download whatever fanfic or fanart you love, bc you never know when the artist might decide to take it down, and then it's very hard to find. 
  • GARAMA wrote to me on tumblr! Pretty much made my day/week/etc. bc truly Garama is my favorite VC fanartist. 
    • I am compelled to save this for posterity bc I adore Garama, even though it saddens me that he rarely draws VC anymore. Siiiigh. Maybe after the new book comes out, and he reads it, he'll be inspired again <3 
    • He starts out with Thank you, bc I had blogged his duckface drawing of Lestat and tagged him thusly:
#Fanart    #garama    #i love it    #Lestat De Lioncourt    #The Vampire Lestat    #lestat    #probably already reblogged this    #whatever whatever i do what i want  

[larger here]
  • (Garama continued:)
    • And you know, it's funny he picked today to write to me bc I was just thinking today that I really don't need to be so active on tumblr. After all, I really only started it as an archive for my own VC-related thoughts and collections, and possibly to share, mainly to host pics for sharing here and on VCM. And now that VC blog has actually become quite popular. Surprisingly. I have a ton of followers. Not that it matters. I do enjoy it when they write to me as if I'm some kind of VC authority! Lol. 
    • I might even claim i-want-my-iwtv to be one of the major VC blogs, right up there with vampchronfic ;]
    • So here's the message Garama wrote, w/ my reply:

[from here so you know I'm not making it up]
  • And finally... Louis all dressed up for Monday Night Football for his favorite team, and favorite player....  [personal profile] gairid requested this 'shop of Louis in the Saint's Drew Brees' uniform and I think it turned out pretty hot. Like SMOKING. I want fic of Lestat tackling him in this outfit. 
In order to make it more palatable to the non-VCM tumblr ppl, I had to add Lestat's commentary. Of course. 


So that's all the news that's fit to print! Gonna wrangle it under a cut to make it easier on people's feeds, but really, I don't expect any comments, I just had to exhale a whole bunch of stuff into the void, and I love you, whoever is reading this. It was a peek into an atypical week of excitement in my VC addiction.

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