Mar. 23rd, 2014 12:04 am
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I've been incredibly busy at work the past few weeks and had little time in the evenings, plus several packed weekends... this weekend being one also... which explains my absence in the community but doesn't make me feel less guilty about it. 

The muse has been silent for some time, so no amount  or quality of prompt words has stimulated a response within. I have seeds of ideas percolating but not growing big enough to warrant development, other than my occasional artistic endeavor or casual reblog of someone else's post on tumblr.

I have read so much fanfic since finding this wonderful community back in July of '13, and I want to add kudos/comments on all of it to pay credit where it's due. We are so fortunate to have such a mass of talented minds in our little corner of the fandom and I love you all, more than red velvet cake, which I love quite alot! I would give up red velvet cake, and really all dessert, sooner than give up my participation and/or watching of this community (you know who you are). No hesitation there. 

I've also been slow in personal message responses, again... sorry about that. It can't be helped. Too many nights I've had to get offline by midnight or risk being half-dead the next day at work. I need to find a better balance. 

I think the point I'm trying to make is that I used to be able to keep up, and nowadays, with the forum virtually exploding, I just can't read every post and all the comments :( this realization makes me sadder than you may realize. 

This has become a Wall of Text. Siiiigh. No need to reply. I just wanted to put out a formal apology. I'm working on the TVL sec. 6 post, and it will go up as scheduled.

Just don't feel that I'm disinterested in the other posts, on the contrary, I am VERY interested, just trying to balance RL and the comm life. Hopefully I'll find a better balance and can be as much of a presence as I want to be. 

Oh, and if you see someone request smtg from me in a comment or you mention something you want me to followup about, please message me directly, bc like I said, I may not see the request and I wouldn't want to miss something!


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